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All of your learning will be connected to real-life experiences in prophetic intercession and personal activation. We desire Evidence of Transformation in your daily life, not just proof of completion of materials…and we’ll train you for that!

  • The Warrior Class is a facilitator of your process, not a study course.
  • We provide the tools, opportunities, resources and community.
  • As you progress in your training and move out of our Foundations Training, you choose which areas you want to focus on and develop. You tailor your advanced and specialty training to how you sense Holy Spirit leads.

A note about our training materials:

The majority of our self-paced, advanced and specialty training materials are created, designed and developed within The Warrior Class (by and for our members).

Expanded Resources – books/CDs/MP3s: We often tap into supplemental materials by authors outside of TWC to enrich and expand your current training. We spend a lot of time in prayer and seek ways to include resources from different Kingdom minded leaders, so you will have the benefit of multiple perspectives, counsel and wisdom. We research as much as we can on the backgrounds and biblical perspectives of the authors of those expanded resources before adding them to our training. However, we may include authors you do not prefer to study. As with all your training, we empower you with the decision to include that resource in your training, or not. Although we encourage you to read through, or listen, to those resources, we, in no way, can continually monitor and vet the authors. If a concern about that author comes to light, and we understand the authors are no longer grounded in Biblical and Kingdom foundations, we will replace that material with another resource as soon as possible.

The Warrior Class offers unique training in the areas of:

  • Developing the Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior: The joy of a good fight
  • Identity: God’s true nature and yours
  • Joyful Intentionality: A Passion-Filled Life on Purpose
  • Approaching the Heart of Prophecy: The prophetic culture of a New Testament world
  • Developing Crafted Prophetic Words and Crafted Prayers
  • Prophetic Prayer and the culture of joyful intercessors
  • The Overcoming Life of a Warrior
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