Recently I have heard many people talk about healing ministry, some even asking why I am not in it anymore. In reality, I never left it. Instead, through my experiences in TWC, my definition and understanding of healing ministry has expanded and grown.

In my past, I saw miracles in many forms; not just for others, but also experiencing miracles myself. Yet, I reached a point where I knew something was still missing. God was speaking, and I knew in every healed cell of my being, He had more for me.

When I first began to experience Graham and Allison’s teachings, I was a volunteer for a healing ministry. Through their material, I began to see there was something to what I was feeling, and started talking to Papa about this “more”. The more I heard and experienced in their teachings, the more God poured His love into me, unlocking doors in my heart and bringing me to tears with His intimacy.

After setting aside the healing ministry and joining TWC, I went through a teaching on identity from Graham, and suddenly saw my missing piece. I didn’t know who I was after my healing. How does an overcomer live life? What does someone miraculously healed of cancer look like? How does a resilient warrior healed of so much trauma, live life to the fullest? What does abundant life look like? How do I get from here to there? At what point do I stop reaching into my past and begin walking out my future?

So many questions came to my heart and mind, and Papa began processing them all with me. Of all the things I had overcome and been healed of, what was missing was the healing of my identity.

Papa used TWC to shine a light on this area of my life. Every person on every call, every person involved in creating the training levels and Champion focus levels, those of you who post to the TWC Facebook page, those whom I have come to call friends, you are all part of my healing. You helped me see and realize through my experiences that identity healing is inner healing!

Do you know what this means??? YOU are all in healing ministry. My worship has been upgraded through the intentional walking out of my identity everywhere I go. It connects God’s heart to mine in a life-changing, sustainable miracle.

Identity healing is a miracle! It’s a healing for ourselves, our families, churches, schools, government – no one is safe from the blessing. Living in this TWC community brought me out of my past, and propelled me into the abundant present-future life I always knew was available to me through Christ.

So this is a shout out to all those who went before me, all those who are here now, and all of those who will join. Thank you for being in healing ministry and doing your part to bring God’s miracles to the world.

By Jodi Bradley
Warrior Class Member

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