All of your learning will be connected to real-life experiences in prophetic intercession and personal activation. We desire Evidence of Transformation in your daily life, not just proof of completion of materials…and we’ll train you for that!

  • The Warrior Class is a facilitator of your process, not a study course.
  • We provide the tools, opportunities, resources and community.
  • As you progress in your training, you choose which areas you want to focus and develop.

The Warrior Class offers unique training in the areas of:

  • Developing the Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior: The joy of a good fight
  • Identity: God’s true nature and yours
  • Joyful Intentionality: A Passion-Filled Life on Purpose
  • Approaching the Heart of Prophecy: The prophetic culture of a New Testament world
  • Developing Crafted Prophetic Words and Crafted Prayers
  • Prophetic Prayer and the culture of joyful intercessors
  • The Overcoming Life of a Warrior