Our Journey & Process Based Intercession

Our Journey

One of our values in The Warrior Class is to embrace our journey with God and the step by step process of who we are becoming as a community. The journey of The Warrior Class (TWC) began many years ago as a Prayer Partner Network for Graham Cooke. We began to explore: Could an intercession group be something different than a traditional, loosely based, network of prayer?

After several years of exploration, the journey brought up the idea of drawing people together and training them in a more consolidated and intentional way. This group became known as The Warrior Class.

The Warrior Class was originally started by Graham Cooke and Allison Bown in 2011 as a place of relational training where people who loved prayer could be developed in joyful, targeted intercession.  During its first seven years, the practice ground for TWC members was in developing prophetic intercession for the ministry of Graham and Theresa Cooke.

Through the beginning years of our journey, we uncovered our identity as a community.  We explored how we might someday better encourage the body of Christ through our personal Warrior Training and community wide intercession process.

In 2017, The Warrior Class went through another metamorphosis. Christine Casten and a new generation of leaders were handed the baton as Graham’s ministry moved to focus on working from his ministry base in Santa Barbara — rather than extensive travel and numerous public events. The shift opened the door for the next thing on God’s heart for TWC. Through this shift we sought additional ways to practice Kingdom culture and our warrior mindsets.

We intentionally develop in how the body of Christ works together as we grow in our relationship and identity in/with God and pursue various passions. God is passionate about taking all we have learned in intercession, and through our training, to apostolically minded leaders in all areas of influence in the body of Christ.

TWC’s passion is to support the body of Christ in two ways: through individual warrior training within our community and in developing process based, prophetic intercession blueprints for the Body of Christ.

We have two specific areas of passion:

Warrior Training: Within TWC, our members find joy in the journey as we discover the transformation, or upgrades (as we call them in TWC), needed to grow up in God and explore all that is possible with Him. This means we encourage each other to strengthen in identity and deeper relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit and grow in our prophetic gifts through intercession.

Imagine the excitement as we discovered this fact: The strength of our intercession rises as we, ourselves, develop in the areas above and learn to view life from a joyful warrior perspective! How? We tap into conversations among our warrior tribe and use training materials and training calls developed within our community (by our membership), as well as outside resources.

Targeted, Process-Based Intercession:  A unique way to support the advance of others in the Kingdom.  Over the years, God uncovered a unique progression for developing process based, prophetic intercession blueprints.

Our targeted intercession encourages apostolically focused leaders in the Body of Christ God identifies and brings forward.  This process opens the door to relational interaction, walking alongside each other and conversations where we embrace interactive support, feedback and training leader to leader and community to community. For more information or how TWC might be able to partner with you through our unique intercession blueprints, contact info@twclass.org.