Benefits of Membership

What do you get as a member of The Warrior Class? Here’s a taste!

Process Based Training — Move beyond checking a box to life transformation. We use training materials developed specifically for The Warrior Class covering:

  • Identity (in Christ) – Learning how God sees you
  • Becoming a Spiritual Warrior – Developing a steadfast, focused and unwavering passion for the Lord.
  • Prophetic Intimacy – Growing the prophetic through deepening relationship with God
  • Empowering and Maturing Prophecy – Crafting Words/Prayers that put courage in, urge forward and lift up the body of Christ.
  • Prophetic Intercession – Moving from situational prayer to a Lifestyle of Intercession
  • Beyond Status Quo – Living toward Impact

We offer a variety of resources and training experiences for you to choose what fits your process of development best.

Prophetic Prayer Opportunities — Our prayer process is unlike any others. It goes beyond the prayer itself, into the preparation and the relationship between you and the Lord. We train through many different resources in how to understand God’s heart and partner with His promises for you and others.

Giving Back to the Kingdom: We open up conversation with God for other groups and ministries outside of our community and tap into His heart for what He would release for our different prayer focuses.  All the voices in our community are heard and have an opportunity to add to this process.


  • Self-paced and Accelerated Options
  • Training and Connection Focused Conference Calls
  • Events
  • Developing in the prophetic and the strategic for targeted prayer and intercession
  • We offer a place where journey and story of all our members are shared. We find life and encouragement in the experiences of other Warriors.
  • Many in our community experience personal growth and significant life transformation (see testimonies and Warrior Blogs)


  • Monthly publications highlighting Training, Impact and Stories of Transformation
  • Member only website access– Resource Website
  • Exclusive training and equipping tools
  • Archives of training supplements to expand and further advance your training
  • Refining and sharpening prayers and prophetic intercession tools
  • Training Videos
  • Ongoing development of new training materials, additional resources
  • Expanding in worship, writing and creative arts


  • Warrior Buddies and Connection Groups
  • Coaches and Peer based interactions
  • Trained coaches available for questions and feedback
  • Options to connect to smaller groups with specialty training focuses
  • Warrior Class Training Days
  • Video: Training/Conference Calls
  • Live and Recorded Conference Calls
  • Specialized, closed Facebook pages


We offer a community unlike any other. It is a place of unified, relational, encouragement. We have many ways to connect in addition to specialized training, unique training modules, leadership and personal development and administrative support. Those who invest in training and growth tend to develop a focused mindset and an intentionality toward their maturity.

*Monthly Membership investment: $30 or Annual Membership investment: $330

Receive one month free when you pay the annual cost in one payment ($330 instead of $360)

*Scholarships available. Our scholarships are funded by our membership. Many state that they have found such freedom, expansion and joy in how God has touched them through The Warrior Class, they want to ensure those with financial challenges are not delayed in joining TWC. If you would like to see about the availability of a scholarship, please submit your application and inquire on the follow-up call.