About TWC

Decisions That Define Us

Throughout history, communities have had a Warrior Class: a group of men and women with specialized skills and training to challenge their adversaries and win. These warriors would agree on a set of principles. They would decide together to live by them. Their decisions – how they would live and fight together – would define them.

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The Warrior Class has specific Kingdom Assignments that are our primary focus.  These overlap with Graham Cooke’s so that our prayers and training are contributing to our own identity, destiny and relationship with God as well as that of our brilliant community.

These are our shared Kingdom Assignments:

  • To reveal the true nature of God and explore the permission granted for deep, personal relationship with Him.
  • To develop a New Testament breed of Warriors, Champions and Overcomers who love the majesty of God.
  • To facilitate prayer as a lifestyle where we joyfully pray with God, not just towards Him.
  • To develop Kingdom leaders who mentor through:
    • Equipping people to be responsible for their own development
    • Awakening and empowering people in their true identity
    • Passion to see a Kingdom community emerge in any expression or location
    • Equip people for a lifestyle with God, not just events
    • Develop people in the mind of Christ
  •    To establish and equip a New Testament prophetic people who: 
    • Live prophetically inspired, not pastorally inclined lives
    • Are safe, impactful and focused
  • To awaken a glorious, New Testament Kingdom people and overcome religious strongholds in perceptions, mindsets, language and actions.